About Connection Workshop


Makvision Inc. & Goldwin Entertainment, business located at Ontario, Canada.  Main business on doing the production organization.  For the passed projects which's focusing on many performances of Charity in Canada, with many well-known artists from Hong Kong.  He has also led cross Canada concert tours with Joe Junior and Freeze (the group singer in Hong Kong) in 2008, and Manting Chan (Hong Kong Singer from New York) and Phoebus Chan (the pianist of Hong Kong) in 2010.

In 2008, he presented the [Wynner group HK]’s World Tour 33 concert in Toronto, raised 1.5 million RMB for the victims of the China Sichuan Earthquake.  In December 2010, he presented the Eason Chan Duo Concert in Toronto, raising funds for the under privileged children in China and Tanzania.

On 5th August 2011, he managed a Opera in concert for Mississauga Celebration Square Extension with Manting Chan, Phoebus Chan and Michael Ciufo in Mississauga. On 27th August 2011, the Charity concert – the Charity concert of [Colors of the Night] co-organized in Hong Kong, The performer guests were Winner Tsu, Phoebus Chan and Manting Chan.