With strong recognition in the fashion world of Europe and New York, OPS!OBJECTS (http://www.opsobjects.it/) watch and accessory line is promoting a new collection of colorful and trendy flat watches that not only withhold qualities of fine watches but also celebrate youth, vibration, and boundless expression.

Having family root in Elements Pointer Limited (EPL), a top Italian fine watch and jewelry maker established since 1890’s, OPS!OBJECTS designer Nicola Giglio and his three brothers are set to withhold family name while infusing fun and chic image in OPS!OBJECTS watches and accessories for the younger generation. OPS!OBJECTS slogan – The Right to be Wrong – emphasize the idea that self-expression through fashion is not characterized by right or wrong but by the level of creativity one is dared to achieve.

We were responsible for :
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Invite the guest performers
  • Involved behind the scenes production unit
  • Assisted in the production process arrangements
  • Press release
  • Media arrangement